Monday, August 1, 2011

My God I'm 12.

You and Your Horse.
Your Name: Becky
Your Age: 22
Your Horse's Name: Cheyenne
Show Name: No fancy names here, just Cheyenne ;)
Discipline: Putzin around the pasture, trail riding
Bad Habits: Mouthy little booger, can be pushy, and oh, you know, everything.
Markings: freeze brand, Star/strip/snip
Age: 4
Breed: Mustang
History: Cheyenne is a BLM mustang, gathered before age 1 - adopted out, turned out to pasture & not messed with & turned back to the BLM. She was being sent back to a holding facility in Missippi before I adopted.
Favorite Treats: Anything & everything.
Home: My house! :)
Your Horse.
Buck?: Nahh
Rear?: Thank Goodness no
Jump?: I haven't jumped on her but I've lunged her. She's ok.
Load Easily?: If you've got food she'll jump a burning bridge.
Greenie or Push Button?: Greenie
Even Seriously Injured/Sick?: Luckily no! One or two small colics but that's it.
Like Human Food?: Her favorite are McDonald's chicken sandwiches. I know this because she hobbled over to Jenna's car one day when she had a locked stifle & ate one off her car.
Saddle: I have a lovely Dakota I got for $200 off ebay. Actually it kind of sucks & it's not very comfy but it was cheap & it's decent.
Pad Color: uhh black/grey/red... I think?
Halter Color: Rusted blue, cute right?!
Lead Color?: Black... we don't do fancy.
Lunge Well?: She can.
Done Something Other Than Regular Discipline?: Yup we're excellent pond swimmers & donkey herders
Have Good Manners?: Meh, not particularly.
Bite?: She's mouthy but not a biter
Good With Children?: Uhhh considering the only kid who rode her she reared on for the first time, I'm going no. My 14 hh pony is bad with children, sadly.
School Horse?: She's a UCF girl ;)
Good With Strangers?: Good with anyone who feeds her or pays attention to her
Get Pampered?: Meh, sometimes ;)
Love What He Does?: Well she came running up to me for the first time in a week when I got the saddle out so I like to think she does. :)
Personality Traits: In your pocket/business, nosy, stubborn, ADORABLE!
Love His Home?: Her, and I hope so! She loves the grass anyway :)
Stall Buddies?: Her mini donkey buddy Owen
Friends At Home?: See above
Past Home?: She was at Wild Horse Rescue before I adopted her where she was treated like a princess. :)
Past Life?: Born in the wild, captured, adopted, turned out to pasture, turned back to BLM, readopted, and here she is! :)
Have You Ever...?
Jumped?: Yup not on monster pony though
Dressage?: Not unless you could like 5 lessons in 4th grade
Fallen Off?: Too many times
Picked a Hoof?: Derf.
Groomed?: Yah
Cleaned Tack?: Not often enough, my moldy saddles are yelling at me from the garage. Oops.
Put a Bridle Back Together?: Yeah & did a pretty fail job
Hacked?: Up a hairball.
Showed?: When I was way younger I used to do the little hunter/jumper schooling shows
Checked for Lameness?: Not formally?
Kissed a Nose?: Many a nose
Ran Through a Muddy Paddock to Get Your Baby?: That's a weird question, and when it says baby I'm literally picturing an infant sitting in a puddle of mud out in a pasture. ... hah.
Slept in His Stall?: Negative I'd get trampled if I tried
Gotten Seriously Injured Because of Horses?: My back's all effed up but can't guarantee it's from the horsies
Fallen Off and Gotten Right Back On?: Yeah, I try to every time
Ridden With No Tack?: Yup, that ended with me on the ground... every time.
Ridden Without Stirrups?: Yes. UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
Ridden Bareback?: Yup that's muh favorite!
Crosscountry Jumped?: hahahaha I'd DIE.
Cried Because of Your Horse?: I freaked out when I saw her stifle lock for the first time & thought her leg was broken... I think that's it. I've cried at/on her before, but rarely her fault.
Spent More Than $2,000 On One Trip To the Tack Store?: Lord Jesus no, I wish!
Fed Your Own Horse?: ... Really? People don't do this crap?!
Mixed Feed?: Yeah
Ridden Next to a Road?: Yeah that was interesting.
Taught a Lesson?: Only at Girl Scout horse camp to leetle munchkins when I was much younger
Trained a Horse?: "trained" is a stretch... I've done a lot of work with Cheyenne though.
Used Thrush Buster?: Yup
Given Dewormers?: Yeah Chey LOOOOVES them (haha!)

This Or That.
Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse: QH allllll the way! (sorry you tb people lol)
Snaffle or Kimberwick: Snaffle
Spurs or Crop: Crop, no spurs... spurs are bad. :(
Close Contact or All-Purpose: All purpose
English or Western: Western :)
Show or Pleasure: Pleasure
Discipline or Free-Rein: Ummm... about that... huh?
Indoor or Outdoor: Dude I'd love to ride inside but my husband would KILL me!
Arena or Trails: Trails
Euthinization or Natural Death: Uhh NEITHER!?
Jeans or Jodphurs: Jeans... haha jodphurs... funny word.
Chaps or Tall Boots: Half chaps
Paddock or Tall: Paddock

Tack or Bareback: Depends what I'm doing
Ever gone swimming with your horse?: Yup!
Any human foods he loves?: Anything
Ever galloped a racehorse?: Negatory
Even jumped your own height on horseback?: That'd be SWEEET but no
Ever gone to see your horse, even though you know you don\'t have time?: Of course
Ever jumped through a flaming hoop?: ... REALLY???
Even done vaulting?: Only in gymnastics
Ever said goodbye to your favorite horse, tears streaming down your face?: I don't even want to think about that day

Ever accidentally gotten your horse sick?: How would one go about that anyway?
Ever ridden into the sunset, feeling like John Wayne?: LOL No I can't say that I have
Do you like helmets?: Like? No. Do I wear them? Sometimes.
Do you prefer greenies or push-button horses?: Depends what I'm doing... push button is good for working on ME
What kind of saddle do you own?: A Dakota western saddle & a collegiate English saddle both in very serious need of a cleaning
Plan on owning your own farm someday?: I have my mini farm & that's plenty for me :)

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